• Reasoning about Knowledge

  • Toward a Cloud Computing Research Agenda (2009) -

    “One of the LADIS attendees commented at some point that Byzantine Consensus could be used to improve Chubby, making it tolerant of faults that could disrupt it as currently implemented. But for our keynote speakers, enhancing Chubby to tolerate such faults turns out to be of purely academic interest.”

    • Low-level data structures -

      The llds general working thesis is: for large memory applications, virtual memory layers can hurt application performance due to increased memory latency when dealing with large data structures. Specifically, data page tables/directories within the kernel and increased DRAM requests can be avoided to boost application memory access.

    • High-Performance Concurrency Control for Main-Memory Databases (via High Scalability) - MVCC is interesting and elegant, and also underpins some datastores with persistence, like HBase. I like this paper as the best survey.